Saturday, 19 July 2014

Why i chose the Canon 7D

Why I chose the Canon 7D
I Mainly shoot Wildlife and Nature so this was the best I could afford that suited my needs. Upgraded from a canon 350D. Below are some of the reasons why I chose it.
Tufted Duck in Flight captured using high burst rate
and a great auto focus system on the 7D
1. It's very robust magnesium alloy body resilient to dust, moisture and shocks.
2. Excellent choice of lenses available, my canon 100-400mm goes nicely with it.
3. High burst rate around 8 frames a second.
4. 100% viewfinder so you capture what you can see.
5. 19 focus points to choose from and a great continuous auto focus system.
Live View great for using on
Landscape shots
6. Spot metering.
7. Live view shooting which I like when taking landscape shots because the mirror is in lock up when using live view and it's better for judging exposure when shooting in manual.
8. Great customisation especially the customisable buttons.
Thanks for looking.