Friday, 18 July 2014

Photography Quick Tips, Shooting through Wire Fences

Painted Hunting Dog
taken through a wire fence
Just a few tips on shooting through wire fences at Zoo's and Wildlife Parks with a DSLR.

1. I would recommend a 300mm lens and up but this all depends on how close you can get to the fence, most places have a barrier stopping you from getting too close.

2. On full zoom try and get as close to the fence as possible, try and avoid any part of the fence that has direct sunlight on it because this will increase the chance of it showing up in your shots, so pick a spot that's in shade.

3.Manual focus on static subjects if your auto focus is picking up the wire, on moving subjects I use AI servo (continuous) focusing on my Canon 7D.



On this Jaguar shot that was taken through wire fencing moving towards me i was holding my camera in the portrait position, i chose a focal point closest to the eyes and put my auto focus on AI Servo to keep the Cat in focus.
                                                                                               Hope this helps.
Thanks for looking.