Sunday, 19 May 2013

Twycross Zoo 19/5/13

Just had a few hours at Twycross Zoo.
Went to see the new enclosure for the Amur Leopards,all they have done is put the Chimps in one of the Gorilla houses and moved the Leopards to the old Chimp enclosure.
Still needs money investing into updating some of the enclosures (IMO).
That said it was a nice hot sunny day for once.
The highlight was the baby Bonobo Lopori,very active and loved coming close to the glass to see everyone.
Only took 12 pics and decided to keep just 6 of those so not a good day picture wise,but enjoyed it all the same.

This is Baby Bononbo Lopori

 Lowes Guenon

 Red Faced Spider Monkey 

And a Ringtail Lemur.

They now have a walk through Lemur enclosure.
Hope you liked the shots and thanks for looking.